Cloud Antispam


Email Protection

  • Reputation service with spam outbreak monitoring based on patented Recurrent-Pattern-Detection technology 
  • Advanced spam detection techniques: RBL, heuristics, SPF checking, BATV, URL scanning, grey listing, RDNS/ HELO checks, expression filter and recipient verification
  • Block spam and malware during the SMTP transaction
  • Detects phishing URLs within e-mails
  • Global & per-user domain and address black/white lists
  • Recipient Verification against Active Directory account
  • E-mail scanning with SMTP and POP3 support
  • Dual antivirus engines (Sophos & Avira)
  • True-File-Type detection/scan within archive files**
  • Scan embedded mail formats: Block malicious and unwanted files with MIME type checking
  • Quarantine unscannable or over-sized messages
  • Filter mail for unlimited domains and mailboxes
  • Automatic signature and pattern updates
  • Sophos Live Anti-Virus real-time cloud lookups

Email Encryption and DLP

  • Patent-pending SPX encryption for oneway message encryption*
  • Recipient self-registration SPX password management**
  • Add attachments to SPX secure replies**
  • Transparent en-/decryption and digital signing for SMTP e-mails
  • Completely transparent, no additional software or client required
  • Supports S/MIME, OpenPGP, and TLS standards
  • PGP key server support
  • Allows content/virus scanning even for encrypted e-mails
  • Central management of all keys and certificates – no key or certificate distribution required
  • DLP engine with automatic scanning of emails and attachments for sensitive data*
  • Pre-packaged sensitive data type content control lists (CCLs) for PII, PCI, HIPAA, and more, maintained by SophosLabs*
  • User-quarantine reports mailed out daily at customizable times 

Email Manegement

  • User-quarantine reports mailed out daily at customizable times
  • Log Management service support
  • Customizable User Portal for end-user mail management, in 15 languages
  • Anonymization of reporting data to enforce privacy policy
  • Over 50 Integrated reports
  • PDF and CSV exporting of reports
  • Customizable email footers and disclaimers
  • Setup wizard and context sensitive online help
  • Email header manipulation support**